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Appendix surgery
Appendix surgery

Laparoscopic Appendix Surgery

Appendix surgery is performed in cases of inflammation in the appendix. Patients. suffering from appendicitis experience a lot of discomfort in the lower part of the abdomen and the area around the navel. Additionally, other signs are observed in those whose appendix is blocked. 

Some of the symptoms experienced by those suffering from this condition are nausea vomiting, sudden intense pain, loss of appetite and abdominal pain as well as fever, cramps constipation that is painful, painless urination and more. Additionally, pain can worsen during walking, coughing sniffing or other type of movement. Laparoscopic operation is minimally invasive surgical procedure performed with the using a laparoscope, an instrument. Small incisions and cuts are made elsewhere in the body. It is less painful that allows recovery to be more rapid.

Laparoscopic surgeries are receiving more and more recognition and are loved by patients today as they are quick to recover and there isn’t any pain associated with the procedure. These are the most advanced surgical procedures that are performed using cameras.

what is appendix surgery

What Is The Cause Of Appendicitis?

The majority in cases of severe appendicitis caused by obstruction of the appendix’s lumen. Obstruction may be caused by factors such as a faecolith or bugs if they are present in the intestines, and occasionally an external body such as seeds.

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What Are The Symptoms?

The pain is severe and is located in the navel area, and moves to the right lower abdomen after a several hours. The strain and coughing causes an increase in discomfort. It is usually caused by nausea and vomiting. It is not common to have complaints that involve burning sensations on passing urine or loose stool.

symptoms of appendix
Treatment of appendix surgery

What Is The Treatment?

The treatment for acute appendicitis involves removal of the appendix (i.e. Appendicectomy). Appendectomy is an open surgery by making one abdominal incision that is 2 to 4 inches in length . The procedure can also be performed with a couple of tiny abdomen cut-outs (laparoscopic operation). In a laparoscopic appendectomy the surgeon inserts surgical instruments and a camera in your abdomen to take out the appendix.