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Best Piles Treatments in Dombivli – kalyan , Navi Mumbai

Piles are considered to be the most embarrassing and painful diseases a person can have. Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. They can cause severe pain and a lot of bleeding. It is essential to address the problem as soon as possible.

Causes and Types of Piles

hemorhoids are a terrible disease that affects millions of people around the globe. India is not an exception. Because it is related to the rectum or anus area, many people avoid talking about their pain. They simply bear the pain year after year, instead. According to statistics and data, those over 50 are considered soft targets. But, this does not mean that everyone in the same age group is safe. There are cases in all age groups.

Auses of Piles:

  • Aging or advanced age
  • Lifting a heavy object
  • Constipation or chronic diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Over-stretching the anus during natural childbirth
  • Cases of heredity
  • Sitting for a longer time
  • Long periods of time spent in the toilet
  • Patients who take blood thinners may like
Piles Surgery

Diagnosis & Investigations

The most common way to diagnose is with tests or a physical examination of the anus and anal canal regions. It is important to rule out other causes of bleeding such as cancer. For the diagnosis of piles, doctors may recommend proctoscopy or colonoscopy. This procedure is minimally invasive, and can be done in the OPDs. The doctors recommend colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy to examine the large intestine. These tests can be used to determine if patients have other illnesses.

Piles Surgery
Prevention of piles

Prevention of piles

To avoid hemorhoids and piles, make your stool soft enough that it can move easily. Doctors suggest ways to reduce pressure and strain on bowel movements. A fiber-rich diet is recommended to reduce constipation. Bulk laxatives might be necessary if the diet is well controlled. This can prevent the condition from getting worse. Many creams and suppositories are available to relieve pain and irritation in the anus area.

Piles Treatments in Dombivli

The Piles: Treatment Options

  • The majority of these indications are due to descensus or blockage and vascular bleeding.This is why medicated creams can play a small or major role in treating piles complaints.
  • Warm water can ease painful conditions by taking a soak in a tub.This reduces spasms and the sphincter instrument.
  • Doctors recommend a high quality purgative for treating bowel movements and related infections.
  • The best laser clinics offer advanced laser surgery.Laser surgery is completely safe and offers complete treatment.
Piles Treatments in Dombivli